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Moonlight Eyewear is a brand that has been consistently creating unique eyeglass frame collections for over three decades, combining exceptional design with a long tradition of craftsmanship. The diversity of our offerings can be explored at major optical events both nationally and internationally, including in Milan, Poznań, and Munich, where we showcase the latest trends in eyewear fashion.



Behind every produced frame is an idea - a concept of how to blend various materials such as acetate, stainless steel, or monel to achieve the desired product for customers. In this process, we utilize CAD software and 3D printers. Often, several weeks pass before a new concept is transformed into a finished design


Each model requires careful preparation. After the approval of the design, we proceed to the production of templates, which aid in the precise placement of each detail during the milling of bridges, welding of hinges, or soldering of temples. For this purpose, we use a state-of-the-art CNC machine, ensuring accuracy at the level of 0.01mm!


Soldering is the process of merging all designed elements into a cohesive whole. At a temperature of around 600 degrees, components made of new silver, monel, or stainless steel are joined together. This process requires significant skill and experience from the workers to ensure that each connection is durable and aesthetically pleasing.


HANDMADE is not just a name. Before the frame acquires its distinctive shine, it goes through several processes. During the initial polishing, larger scratches and imperfections in the material are manually removed. The frame then undergoes a tumbling stage, where it is polished in large wooden rotating drums containing pieces of coconut and paste, for up to 12 hours! After the entire process, it undergoes final hand polishing.


Quality control is an integral part of every manufacturing process. Before painting, the quality of solder and surface is inspected. Under good lighting, the quality of frame polishing is checked, and any necessary corrections are made. In the final stages, the quality of painting and the shaping of the frame are thoroughly examined.

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